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Active Smart Search [Search The Web]
Smart Search is a unique search engine script like no other available for sale. Web sites get listed in your search engine by bidding (money) on specific keywords! This is the search engine style that was made popular by and is now being used by dozens of other search portals, it is the future of search engines on the Internet (Netscape and AOL are even getting involved)! You dont have to depend on banner advertisements anymore to make money from a search engine site. Sites who get listed in your search will pay you to get listed, and they will do it because it will cost them as low as one cent ($0.01) per visitor you send to their site. The more popular your site gets, the more sites will want to get listed, and the more money they will bid! After all, everyone will want to be listed #1 under keywords that are important to them. At some keywords can cost sites around two dollars to be listed first, that means they pay $2 every time a visitor goes to their site. You can start small and make it big with Smart Search!
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Script collection for different tasks online management [Search The Web]
Different online scripts for automation of Web routines developed with WebToSQL - database administering, search, extract, schedule, organize, tour, email and more - fast growing collection
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] Metasearch [Search The Web]
Retrieves results from Northern Light, Altavista, Hotbot, Surfershome, DirectHit, and webcrawler, and it displays the results on your site for FREE.
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@Search powered by [Search The Web]
Just 01 script does everything. Search up to 99 popular search engines. You can find anything with @Search. Display random Ad banner when user hit search button. Save all keywords to database and keep it. Count how many times people use @Search. Can Search MP3 Music, Search Free Download Software and Search for Crack. User can find anything but still stay in your site
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MetaSearch : [Search The Web]
Allow your visitors to search through the top Search Engines while still remaining on your website. Advanced data engine gathers all search engine results simultaneously.
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G.Search [Search The Web]
A cool way to let your visitors search 25 search engines.
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DirectoryPro directory software [Search The Web]
Allows simple creation of a Yahoo style directory. Output style completely configurable. Many features including keyword advertising, static category paging, top sites, and much more. This search engine software comes with free updates and support. Our new Easy Install system makes installing DirectoryPro quick and easy. More...
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Personal OpenDirectory [Search The Web]
Get your own customized Open Directory for your website.
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