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cgi scripts in perl

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websearch [Search Your Website]
websearch allows users to search for key words in documents located on your web site. it searches the basic text of the documents, as well as alt text and any information contained in meta "keywords" and "description" tags. the script scores the ma
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archive search script [Search Your Website]
this is the search script used for my macperl mailing list archive. it searches a directory containing monthly archives in text format, a months worth of postings per file. allows searching on multiple keywords, boolean parameters, search string posi
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bookmarker [Search Your Website]
bookmarker takes a netscape bookmark file (or just a part of one, if preferred) and converts it into a yahoo-like links tree complete with sub-folders and alphabetized links lists.
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bookmark [Search Your Website]
grabs netscape bookmarks, and reformats them as a web page. netscape book marks are normally a html document but this one goes one further, adding subfolders as seperate links.
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ceisearch [Search Your Website]
a great search engine for big sites. has an admin option for using an index file or not.
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cgi worlds sitesearch [Search Your Website]
sitesearch by cgi world is an excellent tool to let your website visitors to find what theyre looking for. features a choice of matches to display per page, browser based password administration to setup your files to be searched, and files not to be
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clickgo [Search Your Website]
this script is a tool that uses pull downs to link to different sites.
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extropia: sitesearch [Search Your Website]
sol says, "this search engine will traverse your entire html directory tree for matches to a client-defined keyword, preparing a dynamiclly generated html page with hyperlinks to hits."
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