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itsy bitsy crawler [Search Your Website]
search your own web site or create a real search engine. itsy bitsy crawler can index sites by using word frequency or meta tags. it supports frames, tables, etc.
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jump box [Search Your Website]
this is a simple program for using a dropdown list as site navigation.
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matts script archive: simple search [Search Your Website]
simple search takes a specified list of files and searches each page for the keywords which users specify. it also includes boolean options, allowing for and/or searches as well as case sensitivity.
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matts search script....and then some [Search Your Website]
this is an enhancement of matts simple search script. we fixed it for our purposes and decided to share with everyone else. we added purks that most people want in their search engines.
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meta tag search [Search Your Website]
search multiple directories on your site, instead of searching the whole file this will only search in the meta keywords tag. results are fully modifiable using a template html file.
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navtool [Search Your Website]
avtool is a utility for automatically generating navigation controls in web pages, such as the navigation control featured in the upper-left of this page. originally designed for use on the endymion web site, navtool was completely rewritten to be fl
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page search [Search Your Website]
search html pages in your local directory tree and get the list of links to the pages where search phrase is found. you can also exclude some directories from the search.
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perlfect search [Search Your Website]
perlfect search is powerful and versatile site indexing and searching software freely available under an open source licence. version 3.0 uses an advanced document vector model algorithm and is higly optimized in memory utilization making it possible
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