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probe [Search Your Website]
probe can perform powerful searches on flat-file databases or crawl through subdirectories (html meta tags). it supports multiple databases/directories, multiple keywords and case-sensitivity. the results page is customizable.
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quick jump station [Search Your Website]
redirection script. select a web destination from a drop-down menu and go for it. no urls are used into the html code, so nobody can use your script without your knowledge :-)
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quick links [Search Your Website]
quick links is a script best run from the unix shell. it makes an html file with a link to every file in a directory.
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sfe search [Search Your Website]
a fast and efficient search script for searching any single web site. this script is template driven enabling unlimited customization to match your site perfectly. indexes in an efficient format, removing common words and special characters from the
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swat (s)earch (w)ith (a)uthority (t)ool [Search Your Website]
allows you to search your website like lycos and altavista do the web. easy configuration, more features than any other free search engine on the net, and quick processing make this the best search engine to use today.
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sarang guptas [Search Your Website]
gupta says, "yes, this script sucks :) its just for example purposes." this simplistic perl/cgi search example shows how you can search a list of htmlfiles for keywords in only 4 lines of perl. it returns a link to the page in which the keyword was f
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search engine (jhz-cs) [Search Your Website]
text based search of your information dataset performs category specific or all category searches. search controls supported on both static and dynamically generated web pages. search results page template is fully customizable and supports plugins t
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search engine 01 [Search Your Website]
powerful file search script. searching for a word or phrase will return all file names which contain that string. use exact phrase, or booleans and and or. control what type of files and which directories to be searchable. choose how many records to
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