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simple site search script [Search Your Website]
simple to install and simple to use site search script searches pages within defined directories returning a listing of matching pages from keyword(s) entry.
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simple site searcher [Search Your Website]
allows you to have a fast search engine for your site. it utilizes a html templates for all dynamic output, which allows you to match the look of your site. there are many add-on modules which can be purchased to enhance the basic package to your sit
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sojourn [Search Your Website]
a directory/database search engine that allows the organisation of website data in proper categories like yahoo!. has full admin functions to add/edit/delete listings and categories and is accompanied by a full-featured search engine.
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surge [Search Your Website]
surge is a generic perl search engine. it comes with the convenience of the end-user in mind and is extremely easy to configure. the structure of the database is customizable, the field-types can be specified, and you can specify which fields are sea
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the super site searcher [Search Your Website]
you can use it to just search your own site, plus you can setup a seperate search engine to search a particular category of urls submitted by your visitors. allows your visitors to submit urls. you can then accept or deny the submissions through
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wattsosoft site search [Search Your Website]
this search engine creates an index file for a site, rather than searching all the files every time the search engine is used, resulting in a much shorter search time. features include any/all/exact phrase search options, case sensitive option, selec
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webglimpse [Search Your Website]
webglimpse is a fast, flexible search engine for finding information in a related web of pages. collects and indexes pages based on traversal of links or subdirectory. you can create a context-sensitive search by category simply by linking to rele
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Search Your Website]
this four-liner searches your web pages for a given word.
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