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the cartit shopping cart [Shopping Cart]
cartit is a full-featured internet shopping cart system that is running on some of the internets most successful commerce sites. cartit v3.5 handles shipping with a powerful customizable shipping interface, up to 3 sales tax rates with the cartit man
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the super cart [Shopping Cart]
reads from most databases (msql, oracle, etc.) or can use its own flatfile database. generates all pages from template files and allows you to completely adjust the look of the site. multiple shipping types and support for foriegn countries: handl
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the web shopper html interface [Shopping Cart]
the web shopper html interface is an online database management tool for the web shoppers product and price information. it allows one to simply and easily add, edit, delete and view your product inventory on the internet.
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the web shopper plus [Shopping Cart]
the web shopper plus adds catalogue capabilities to the web shopper. category, item and keyword search templates allow rapid generation of your shopping cart. items on a category or keyword search page are displayed in table format with up to 4 descr
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the web shopper [Shopping Cart]
provides a user-friendly interface, remembering purchases as the user travels from page to page. shopping basket is easy to customize and shows 3 descriptive levels. invoice script includes shipping, two tax levels, e-mail receipts, and data files
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ultra-cart [Shopping Cart]
ultra-cart is a multi-user program for building shopping cart pages with no html experiance required. ultra-cart uses preformated templates for page layout making it very easy on the novice users. advanced users will appreicate the speed and simplici
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virtualcart® [Shopping Cart]
virtualcart® is a shopping cart server, an internet solution for secure e-commerce whose power and convenience is matched only by its cost effectiveness. a standard web site anywhere on the net and virtualcart® are all you need to setup your powerful
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wwworder [Shopping Cart]
an easy to use order processor that processes users orders, tabulates them, and provides the user with an online receipt.
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