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cgi scripts in perl

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ahc survey [Survey and Voting]
a script that can handle up to a unlimited number of surveys. your visitors can vote by either using forms or hyper-links. also, the script will display the currently voting results after a visitor has voted. you can view voting results, modify a sur
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anyvote [Survey and Voting]
a voting script that allows users to vote for their favourites or suggest them if they are not listed. works well for vote topics where all options are not known e.g. who is your favourite musician? the script also has an admin interface that allows
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bnb survey script [Survey and Voting]
simple cgi script that stores html form input to both survey data files, and a log file that can easily be imported into popular database programs for further analysis. after voting, the viewer can see the current standings- with colored bar charts.
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billow image vote [Survey and Voting]
billowvote manages an online image voting system. a pie or bar gif image will display the vote result on the fly. user can login and create their own polling center. this includes additions, deletions, modifications, etc.
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cgi poll [Survey and Voting]
this script manages an on-line voting system. operates multiple polls with an easy web-based administration interface. installs in minutes.
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cgi worlds surveytime [Survey and Voting]
allows the creation of multiple question surveys to gather information from your sites visitors. features include double vote blocking, auto expiration, e-mailing of survey expiration, & a password protected admin section.
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cliffs voting booth script [Survey and Voting]
script lets users vote on currect topics, or add their own. logs ips to prevent voting for the same topic twice.
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dale bewleys [Survey and Voting]
survey gathers comments on any number of pages using one standard survey or a unique survey for each page if you like. designed to be inobtrusive, it knows the page a user referenced it from and will return them to that page once they submit the form
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