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prowlerpoll [Survey and Voting]
prowlerpoll is a free voting/polling program with a slick web-based admin interface for adding, deleting, and managing multiple polls. polls can be placed in web pages by inserting the html code or by using ssi. setup has been designed to be easy and
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pulse! [Survey and Voting]
add another feature to your web page. you choose the question, and web surfers vote on it. a great way to build more traffic and content to your site. comes with an admini page to give you a graphical look at statistics for the current poll as well a
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robpoll [Survey and Voting]
robpoll is a voting script that allows for an unlimited number of questions, with ip and/or cookie tracking to prevent multiple votes. the script can be embedded in an html page through ssi, or run as a stand alone script. password protected admin
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surveysays [Survey and Voting]
allows you to integrate surveys into your pages via ssi; similar to the polls found at certain famous sport websites.
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surveysays [Survey and Voting]
an ssi polling script that lets you integrate surveys into your pages, much like the ones found at a certain famous sports site
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survey [Survey and Voting]
users click a link to this cgi, which will administer a unique survey dependant on http_referer, answer a couple of questions, and are taken directly back to the page they started on.
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the poll master [Survey and Voting]
handles all of your polling needs: display questions, get input, and calculate results a simple questions file allows you to group certain questions that you wish to appear together or you can access each question individually. only allows one answ
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the voting booth [Survey and Voting]
a simple voting script that allows users to vote an any number of topics. now easier and more versatile with the ability to handle an unlimited number of voting topics.
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