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cgi scripts in perl

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ScriptCreations: InvisiCounter [Text Counters]
InvisiCounter is a completely invisible hit counter for your site so that you can see how many hits you have gotten, and no one else can!
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a&m text counter [Text Counters]
this script is a text based access counter which is capable to work on multiple pages at once. this version has improved file locking so your counter wont constantly reset. program does not use flock perl function, so it will work on any machines. re
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aggemam text counter [Text Counters]
the aggemam text counter is a quite simple text counter with one great advantage: it actually works. for good measure, it logs the hostname of the visitor to prevent the counter from going bananas due to frantic reloading. installation can be dealt w
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ascad textcounter pro [Text Counters]
great counter that allows you to customize everything on it including size of font, color of font, font and text before and after count number. this script also tracks the referrer and the users ip.
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bs counter [Text Counters]
this is a simple, text based, hit counter written in perl. you can easily change the counters font size, color, and style. it will also insert commas. this script uses ssi.
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cgi-factory text counter [Text Counters]
a simple structure and text based counter. easy to install. featuring invisible counting and block the hit from page reloading. ssi is required.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] multicount [Text Counters]
a flexible ssi counter that reports overall, weekly, and/or daily counts; the exact format of the output is configurable by the user, and one script handles as many counters as you need.
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clickcount [Text Counters]
clickcount is a free program that will keep track of all hits and clicks on any link on your page.
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