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fluid dynamics: roman numeral counter [Text Counters]
like many counters, the roman numeral counter keeps track of how many people have viewed a given web page. this one counts in roman numerals instead of the typical arabic numbers.
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fluid dynamics: roman numeral counter [Text Counters]
this counter works like most others, but displays the hits in roman numeral format.
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freescripts: text counter [Text Counters]
this is just a simple counter that can be referenced to in your html with one simple tag. change the color of the font to your background color and only you will know its there!
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grad-net ssi/inline counter [Text Counters]
grad-net counter v1.0 operates as a text based counter in ssi mode but it can also generate inline images as an image based counter. counter v1.0 can count remote pages as well as local pages.
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isi - simple counter [Text Counters]
iservers version of the standard text-based counter.
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k.i.s. - text counter [Text Counters]
now you can add a simple yet eligant text coutner to your website. count multiple pages with one script! requires ssi
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matt kruses counter script [Text Counters]
a very simple text counter program. utilizes server side includes and the flock perl function. because of this, it will not work on any platform other than unix, and only those unix machines with flock function available.
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matts script archive: textcounter [Text Counters]
textcounter requires server side includes and will work system wide or for a single user. the new version has improved file locking so your counter wont constantly reset and it also comes with the options of linking the number to a url and padding th
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