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cgi scripts in perl

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matts source code: homecounter.cgi [Text Counters]
a very simple perl cgi driver for a page hit counter.
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multicount [Text Counters]
a flexible ssi counter script that lets you include overall, daily, and weekly counts (in any combination), allows customized look of output
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non-repeating counter [Text Counters]
would you like a counter that truely counts hits? here it is. the script logs the visitors ip address, so if they have visited the site, the counter wont increment. if they havent visited the site before, the visitors ip will be written to a file and
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plain text counter [Text Counters]
if you can run ssi scripts, you can use this very simple page counter.
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server log counter [Text Counters]
this script reads your server logs and return the number of unique visitors and/or total hits.
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servers counter [Text Counters]
a simple counter that counts your visitors and logs the refering url. you may view the logfile via your web browser or the script can email it to you.
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simple counter [Text Counters]
if you can run cgi scripts in your directory, you can use this very simple page counter.
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site tracker [Text Counters]
this is full site tracking program. gives you the option to hide or show the amount of counts. even comes with an admin section to review stats.
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