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cgi scripts in perl

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torgo counter [Text Counters]
this is a really simple text based counter. one of its most useful features is it logs the last ip address to the site. the counter will not increment until someone with a different ip address accesses it.
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viewing most recent [Text Counters]
this is a good script if you wish to monitor the amount of traffic on your site at any given moment. this script will list the last 100 transactions in your access logs and automatically refresh every 5 minutes or however long you wish.
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wattsosoft multi-user counter script [Text Counters]
a counter that supports multiple users, each with multiple pages. has a web-based and password protected admin interface. hides count from user, and does not require ssi. each user has their own statistics page. counters can be individually reset and
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it will increment a counter, then return the url and gif image for a given ad. this script can be expanded upon to allow for multiple rotating ads.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Text Counters] is a simple sort of "hidden" counter. it is designed to be used in lieu of an image tag, so instead of doing img src="whatever.gif", you might use img src="counter.cgi". the script increments a counter in a file, then returns the gif image
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countess.xbm [Text Counters]
a server-level counter that only has 24 lines of code.
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homecounter.cgi [Text Counters]
a very simple perl cgi driver for a page hit counter.
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this counter enables you to get not only the access-statistics of one single page, but of a whole web-tree. you will see access-hits beneath the per cents of the page according to the other pages, which are counted as well. also in the statistic you
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