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cgi scripts in perl

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appletsizer [Utilities]
a gadget for creating an applet of an arbitrary size, given the codebase and code, height and width, and any number of applet parameters that can be specified with param_[num] and value_[num], beginning with 0.
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bandwidth protector [Utilities]
this script of mine was developed in response to what is commonly known as "bandwidth stealing". just what is "bandwidth stealing"? that is when another web page references pictures stored on your web site. with my script, people can no longer do th
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browsercounter [Utilities]
a simple script for analyzing the agent_log from ncsa httpd 1.4/1.5 or apache.
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cdomain [Utilities]
cdomain is a nicely designed whois gateway. it allows a user to check and see if a domain is available. it shows the results in plain english, i.e., "domain is not available" or "domain is available". the user also has the option to view the whois o
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choosenews [Utilities]
choose news is an interactive program to aid readers of the news, especially beginners, in choosing which news groups to subscribe to.
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clean [Utilities]
strips off carriage return characters from windows-uploaded files so that unix command interpreters wont break.
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faq-o-matic [Utilities]
the faq-o-matic is a cgi-based system that automates the process of maintaining a faq (or frequently asked questions list). it allows visitors to your faq to take part in keeping it up-to-date.
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finger [Utilities]
see who is using unix computers on the internet.
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