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smtpserv [Utilities]
several ks of garbage that allow you, if tweaked with, to make a small server that is kind of smtp compliant. this had been never intended to be used as a production server, just as a testbench.
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urlsubmit [Utilities]
allow your visitors to submit their site to multiple search engines by completing one form.
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wwwfinger [Utilities]
a simple finger utility for use over the web. simple utility to use and configure, bug that allowed people to steal the passwd file and execute some other commands was removed.
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whois lookup [Utilities]
performs a lookup on top level domain names (.com, .net, .org, etc) to see whether theyre available and/or provides the user with administration/billing/technical contacts, and the name and the address of owners.
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bin2hex [Utilities]
bin2hex will conver a binary file into a perl, pascal/delphi, c/c++, or java source code array. for example, you may want to do this to include a gif or other binary file directly inside your perl cgi script, rather than reading the data from an exte
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this script can be modified to perform basically any unix command, and print the output to a web page.
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inputs ip addresses from keyboard and outputs to screen. loops for multiple entries.
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inputs ip address from log file and outputs host name to screen and file.
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