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cgi scripts in perl

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a short demonstration of techniques to allow a cgi script to interact efficiently with web caches.
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makehomeidx [Utilities]
this script will make an index of your home page.
[comments] (0) [search by programmer] [Utilities]
this scritp is a frame maker interchange format (mif) parser.
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nph-replace [Utilities] is a simple demo of creating a multipart document. if you have always wondered how to have a cgi output some virtual html then think for a while and output more virtual html now you know.
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rusers + finger [Utilities]
gateway to otmars improved rusers. gives you a list of all the people currently logged in, with links to their personal page (if they have one).
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test-env.cgi [Utilities]
this is a script to test/find enviromental settings.
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webrowse [Utilities]
webrowse can be used for convenient file or url loading remote control of netscape or mosaic browsers, for textual reference html markup, and, for example, for interfacing a browser to news and mail readers as a hypertextual
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this script will log enviroment variables.
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