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cgi scripts in perl

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Hacking Paradise, hacking, cracking, icq, needed files, much much more! [Utilities]
This is a brilliant all round hacking site! It has almost every hacking tool you can think of with a great layout! THIS SITE IS A MUST!
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Nytedate [Utilities]
A simple script to display the date on your site. Able to change colors and font values.
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Master CGI Control [Utilities]
Control all your CGI web based administration from one simple location, easy to add or remove cgi programs
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ldif_to_vcard conversion utility [Utilities]
Utility to convert LDIF address book files to VCARD format.
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Chatologica HTTP benchmark v1.0 [Utilities]
a command line perl program to test the performance of your cgi and web applications. It queries in parallel the given URL and generates a performance report. Very useful for web developers who wish to optimize their web applications.
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Script for online email addresses extraction and message delivery [Utilities]
Online existing script for email addresses extraction from web page and utilizing these for instant message delivery. Messages prepared as templates and can be modified. Excellent marketing tool lightning fast, reliable, user friendly. NOT a spammi
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Script collection for different tasks online management [Utilities]
Different online scripts for automation of Web routines developed with WebToSQL - database administering, search, extract, schedule, organize, tour, email and more - fast growing collection
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Database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL [Utilities]
WebToSQL is a Web-based database shell (database explorer) using thin client approach and a RAD tool for development of Web database driven applications. It creates dictionary based systems or generates source codes in a variety of languages.
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