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anyemail [Web Based Email]
receive and send email from any email accounts using your browser. features include read, compose, send, reply, forward, and delete emails.
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atdot [Web Based Email]
includes most features found at larger sites like hotmail, currently missing only message folders and attachments, but they are coming soon.
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browserexpress [Web Based Email]
browserexpress is a pop3/smtp email client that is implemented as a cgi program on a web server. browserexpress can be thought of as a pop3 mailbox viewer, in that the messages that you see when you log in are the messages that are actually currently
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cyclonic web-based email engine [Web Based Email]
the cyclonic web-mail engine provides easy access to pop based email services via the web. cyclonic features advanced attachment handling, address books, folders, and comes equipped with multiple language support including: english, french, italian,
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emumail [Web Based Email]
emumail is a cgi program that runs well on all popular web servers. it allows users to access their pop3/imap email at any time and from anywhere, using only a web browser. emumail is completely customizable in the commercial verison.
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emailer [Web Based Email]
allows visitors to your site with out an email program to send email from their web browsers.
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endymion mailman [Web Based Email]
mailman supports a multiple frame interface, mime and uuencoded attachments and messages, and much more. provides a fully customizable e-mailing service over the web through html templates and is free to non-profit and education institutions, but co
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lozinskis emailer [Web Based Email]
this email program generates both the email form and the email message. very small with only one perl file. and youu can demo the program before downloading.
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