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Jump to Page: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [Web Server Maintenance]
two-liner which determines who on your system has homepages (usage: /etc/passwd). works under certain assumptions, including that your system uses the public_html protocol.
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a six-line script that checks for broken links in one on more html files.
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pfind [Web Server Maintenance]
lists all the homepages on a system in a html table or vrml format.
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systemstatus [Web Server Maintenance]
outputs: system uptime, httpd status, memory/swap usage, disk space usage, current users logged on and current system processes.
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use " {directory} {portnum}" on a machine to start a webserver on port number portnum, where directory is the full path to the directory you wish to serve.
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Auto Delete [Web Server Maintenance]
Automatically delete all files in a directory which is older than X days.
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fantomas logFrog™ [Web Server Maintenance]
Cross system search (including Boolean) of log files for user defined character strings. Define up to two email addresses for email delivery of generated search reports. Service your clients with customized log extracts!
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PC WebDNS [Web Server Maintenance]
Total Web Based DNS / IP management system, simple to use and simple to run. Requires MySQL.
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